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About Us

Writers on Fire by Nexus Generation is a place for writers to come together to share resources and information, supporting each other as we explore our shared passion for words and the places they take us. We provide coaching, support, encouragement, and community as you nurture the stories within and discover the joy of sharing your words with others.

Why You Should Join Us

Frustrated with your writing? Unsure how to start? Feeling blocked? Or, stuck halfway through a project? Need a hand shaping your work and finding your readers? Looking for a community of writers as passionate about words as you are? 

Looking for inspiration, encouragement, tools and techniques, resources, learning and publishing opportunities?  

When you join Writers on Fire you'll become part of a dynamic, creative community of like-minded writers who are passionate about the craft of writing and who are eager to grow and share as they find the best ways to tell their stories. 

Whether your passion is the delicate haiku or you're wrestling with a massive novel, the building blocks of good writing are the same. Choosing the right words and arranging them on the page in the most powerful way possible is a lifelong journey. It can be awfully lonely, struggling by yourself. That's why we created Writers on Fire. 

It's easier, we've found, to stay on track and stay focused and motivated when we have friends to reach out to and a community to lean on.

What we offer in the community reflects the needs and interests of our member writers. From weekly writing prompts to virtual writing workshops, groups for special interests (we have a book club and an Artist's Way discussion group), we are constantly expanding and modifying our offerings. All group members have immediate access to archived prompts, lessons, and discussions.  

We Aren't Unidimensional - Neither is the Writers on Fire Community
We are looking for ways to find balance in our lives, knowing that we need to stay healthy, stimulate our intellects, and nurture our spirits. Without real-world experiences, it's hard to know what to write about. Without rich, meaningful conversations, it's can be hard to stay focused on and inspired by what really matters to us. 

While our focus is on writing and sharing our words, we explore ideas, reflect and share books and movie recommendations. We talk. We think. We share. We write. 

Sure, each of us is a force to be reckoned with - but together, we are unstoppable. 

Premium Coaching Option
When you're ready, our premium offerings include one-on-one coaching if you're looking for a hand nudging that manuscript of yours towards publication. For the most part, though, we are about sharing what we know within the community, so you'll find plenty of content to help you learn, grow, and develop as a writer.

Writers on Fire is a wordsmith's gathering place, a community, the village well of the web for those who value real connections with like-minded people. 

We're also planning some live events - summits and conferences as well as writing and creativity retreats - but those will also be priced separately. As a member of the Writers on Fire community, you'll have early access and be eligible for special member pricing for those real-world events. 

What are you waiting for? Come on in!! Choose a plan below and come join us. 

**Note: We used to live on a Facebook page, but this is a way better neighborhood! 

A Big Thanks

We could not do this without your support, encouragement, and contribution to the conversation. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being here!